love you every daisy (earrings)


These Anatomical Hearts were handmade from scratch, all the way down to the mold used for casting. We had so much fun experimenting with laser cut acrylic for mold masters and we’ll love you every dai-sy (wink wink) if you’d add these pieces to your collection!

  • Real dried strawberries encased in epoxy resin.
  • Stainless Steel Studs/Hooks
  • 925 Silver Studs and Gold Filled hooks option available (+ SGD $2)


  • Lead Time : 1 – 3 working days
  • Delivery : 3 – 5 working days


  • Lead Time : 7-10 working days
  • Delivery : 3 – 5 working days

Please note that products are hand crafted individually and may have slight variations from the picture above.


Stainless Steel Studs (Gold), Stainless Steel Hooks (Gold), 925 Silver (+ $2), Gold Filled Hooks (+ $2)


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